Juventus donates to feed the poor after postponing the summit with Milan


Juventus decided to donate foods destined for their match against Milan, which was postponed due to the Corona virus, in the second leg of the Italian Cup soccer tournament, for the role of caring for the homeless and the needy.The match was supposed to take place on Wednesday at Juventus Stadium, but it was decided to postpone it 24 hours ago, instead of staging it without the fans attending.

The website (Football Italy) explained that the Juve prepared about three tons of food, to be ready in restaurants inside the stadium for the public and members of the club.But fearing food would spoil after the summit was postponed, the Italian champion decided to donate it to local homes to care for the poor and the homeless in a humanitarian gesture that impressed.

Italian clubs are seeking to bolster humanitarian efforts in the current period, amid the Corona crisis, after the virus has infected more than 3000 people in the country, and caused the death of 100, for example Inter Milan donated 100,000 euros for scientific research in order to eradicate the disease.


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