Jordan – Reflection and know-how are two ways that go beyond losing motivation to work


(MENAFN – Alghad Newspaper) Lima Ali Abdul

Oman – When you don’t feel the urge to do anything, it will seem to you that everything is getting annoying. Usually this feeling is temporary, motivated by exposure to stress or living a lifestyle characterized by excessive preoccupation with the usual, this is what was mentioned by “”, which provided the following advice that is recommended to be applied when you feel this, but he made it clear that if this continues Feeling for a long time, as it may be a sign of a problem that requires consulting a doctor:

  • Follow how you feel: Sometimes, unwillingness to do anything is your mind and body style of requesting a break. If you recently put yourself under more stress, then listen to this call and get a break before you develop more severe symptoms as a result. Take a nap, for example, to feel relaxed.
  • Discover your feelings: An attempt to explore your inner feelings may shed light on the reason why you are unwilling to do anything, especially if this lack of desire persists for more than a few days. Ask yourself the following questions:
    Is there anything that worries me or makes me feel nervous?
    • Is there something / I feel angry or frustrated about?
    • Do I have a feeling of sadness or loneliness?
    Did I lose hope?
    • Am I a poet separated from myself?
    If you answer any of these questions with “yes”, know that this may be the reason for your unwillingness to do anything, then these feelings occupy the mind and cause difficulty in thinking to do anything else. Knowing that you have these feelings helps you to find a solution or at least accept them.
  • Know your needs: Failure to obtain physical and psychological needs results in feelings of inactivity and loss of desire to do anything. Therefore, be sure to meet all of your needs by asking yourself the following questions:
    • Do I feel thirsty or dehydrated?
    • Should I eat food?
    • Do I have to sleep more?
    • Do I need to stay alone for some time?
    Your answers will show you whether or not you need more time to take care of yourself.
  • Meditate: Although meditation may be among the things you do not want to do, looking at it as something that does not require planning or preparation makes it easier. Meditation may not be easy, especially in the beginning, but over time it makes you better able to notice and accept your feelings without judging yourself or allowing them to influence you negatively.



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