Johnson praises Britons response to mobilization against Corona


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed today, Tuesday, the response of his citizens to the call to mobilize in order to face the Corona virus crisis. Johnson lavished praise on British society after some 750,000 people called to the call to help support the national health system and help the elderly and vulnerable groups in the community that adhere to self-isolation.
20,000 doctors, retired nurses, and former health care professionals have returned to the front line as the virus spreads.
Crews of aircraft companies were asked to help the medical staff, and groups of society rushed to the aid of neighbors, while the companies were mobilized to make a collective effort that the country had not seen since World War II.
“One of the things that the Corona Virus crisis has proven is that there is really something called society,” Johnson said, referring to the famous phrase of former conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who said “There is no such thing as society.” … And last week, Johnson announced that he was HIV positive, and he said that He suffers from “minor symptoms”.
The Prime Minister confirmed, in a video on Twitter, that the virus would be overcome through a collective effort, adding that “we will overcome it together.”
Thatcher made her famous statement at the height of her 11-year power, which transformed Britain after the industrial turmoil that crippled the country in the 1970s led to the overthrow of her predecessors.
The British government has provided unprecedented support to companies and individuals affected by the Corona virus crisis. Johnson said, last week: “Never in our history has the government surrounded people with its arms, as it is doing now to help them overcome these times.”
This shift is particularly dramatic, because it comes months after the Conservatives described the Labor Party’s socialist agenda as “reckless” and considered a threat to the economy.


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