Jennifer Lopez showcases her beauty on the beach in Miami, Mayo .. Pictures


The Daily Mail website published many photos of the star Jennifer Lopez, showcasing her beauty despite the age of fifty, by the sea in Miami, where Lopez wore a white swimsuit and she was accompanied by Stevie Mackey, the voice coach with whom she cooperates.

Lopez had filled the media recently with many statements about her relationship with her fiancée Alex Rodriguez during her recent presence on the Oprah Winfrey Show, as she hosted her guest and touched on many matters pertaining to her, as she confirmed that since her engagement to Alex in March of last year 2019, she expected that The completion of the marriage will be within only two months at the latest, which she confirmed that she has become accustomed to and brought him back to the feelings of romance that she always had at the beginning of any relationship, which caused, as she said in her marriage three times before.

Lopez, 50, added that she then decided to learn from her previous experiences, not to rush into her life by not making any quick decision and waiting for a while on the pretext that this decision is not easy at all, especially since they both have their own family of children.

Jennifer Lopez also stressed that her words do not mean any reduction in the romance that she lives with her fiancé, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, saying: “He supports me to a great extent, and it is not late for me to support any of the matters that concern me at all, as it appears in all my work and projects.”

Oprah Winfrey, hosted her own ring on her “2020 Vision tour” program, insulted Jennifer Lopez, and Oprah celebrated her because of her renewed energy and her predominant activity after her fifty years of age, where she appeared in a very elegant appearance in bright yellow clothes. Both.

Despite what was reported that Jennifer Lopez was preparing to start planning her wedding to Alex Rodriguez after spending an elegant year including a successful movie and a famous performance in Super Bowl, Jennifer Lopez still had time to attend the “2020 Vision tour”, with the media opera And repels.


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