Jarir closes all its exhibitions in Saudi Arabia until further notice


Source: Arabic.net

Jarir Marketing Company announced that all exhibitions of Jarir Bookstore in the Kingdom have been temporarily closed from Friday 20 March 2020 and the closure will continue until further notice.

The company said in a statement on “Tadawul” that this is a continuation of the preventive and precautionary measures to control the new Corona virus, which aims to preserve the safety of its customers, employees, citizens and residents.

She indicated that due to the acceleration of the procedures and measures taken, it is not possible to determine the financial impact at the present time, indicating that this will be announced later when sufficient information is available.

She pointed out that work is currently under way to enhance Jarir Online’s ability to meet the company’s growing customer needs.

On March 15, 2020, Jarir Marketing Company announced that the Jarir Bookstore, which is located inside the commercial complexes, will be closed temporarily until it is permitted to reopen it.


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