Jan Yaman and Dimit Ozdemir stayed in one house and fought?


Turkish media said that the two actors, Jan Yaman and Dimit Ozdemir, had spent their time together in the past days, after They went back to each other And they confessed their love away from their colleagues and their families.

The protagonists (the early bird) adhered to the home stone together in one of the distant areas of Istanbul, but they fought a few days later because they did not agree and suffered from a sharp difference in their nature.

Jean is very nervous while Demet likes to calm down and does not discuss loudly the opposite, which causes them to leave each other, and announce their surrender again, for their relationship to fail again.

Both of them returned to their homes, and they no longer communicated, while a Turkish newspaper said that Dimit had made a final decision not to return to her job, and would now focus on filming the remaining scenes from her new series (My Home).


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