It is not right for Saudi Arabia to wage war and foster reconciliation


A member of the Houthi political bureau and a member of the negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said that there are messages that the group exchanges with Saudi Arabia through local mediators, but he indicated that Saudi Arabia is invited to dialogue and not an advocate to it.

Al-Ajri said – in a previous interview with Al-Jazeera – that there are efforts made by the United Nations to reach a comprehensive ceasefire after the Corona crisis. He also indicated that there is contact with the Saudi side that is active and sometimes stops, especially after the Aramco attack.

Al-Ajri added that neither logically nor politically, it is correct for Saudi Arabia to sponsor war and sponsor reconciliation at the same time.

He said, “Since Saudi Arabia chose to sponsor the war of aggression, it has determined its position on the negotiating table as an opponent and it is not correct to ask itself any other characteristic,” noting that today Saudi Arabia is in the position of the person called for dialogue, not in the position of the advocate.

For their part, the Houthis revealed earlier Tuesday that they are making contacts with the Saudi authorities to contain the military escalation between the two parties, which has increased in frequency during the past two days, but they considered the Saudi statements “inaccurate.”

In a statement made by the Minister of Information in the Houthi government, Dhaifallah Al-Shami, to Al-Jazeera, he said that “there are contacts with Saudi Arabia through mediators to contain the escalation, but the statements of the Saudi ambassador regarding daily contacts with us are inaccurate.” “We extend our hand for a comprehensive peace that creates solutions.” Is complete fragmentation. “

It is noteworthy that the American Wall Street Journal quoted a high-ranking Saudi official as saying that his country is holding daily talks with the Houthis in Yemen, and has invited representatives of them and the legitimate government to peace talks on its soil.

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, said that the proposal to hold talks to end the war in Yemen is still on the table, despite the escalation of violence at the weekend, but the Houthis have not yet responded to the offer, according to the Saudi ambassador.

Al Jaber said that Saudi officials spoke with their Houthi counterparts yesterday, Monday, to confirm that coalition strikes against Sanaa were in response to the rocket attacks on Saturday, and were not intended to escalate the conflict.

The newspaper quoted the Saudi official as saying that coalition officials have been communicating on a daily basis – since last year – with the Houthis, and he clarified that daily contacts started in the wake of the Houthis attack on Aramco’s oil facilities.

Yesterday, the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen launched air strikes on Sanaa, and said in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency that the operation aims to “destroy legitimate military targets” belonging to the Houthi rebels, and “to neutralize and destroy the ballistic threat and the specific capabilities that threaten the lives of civilians.”


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