“It is not me who is looking for personal victories.” 4 exciting tweets from Bin Zanan due to the Hamdallah crisis and the defeat of victory!


Sport Observatory: Abdullah bin Znan, a spokesman for Al-Nasr Club, previously published 4 exciting tweets about the crisis of Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah, the player of victory, as well as the loss of victory against Al-Faisali with three and continued bleeding points in the struggle for the top of the league table against Al Hilal.
Bin Zanan responded in the first tweet about some who blamed him for publishing the news of the Hamadullah crisis with victory through his Twitter account, saying: After the calm of the storm, the topic of God, he published the news in Channel 24 and in Al-Riyadiah newspaper .. And I commented on the issue after I became everywhere and commented on my opinion A personal person is not binding for anyone, and if I were searching for and publishing news, I would have done so long ago, not these days.
In the second tweet, I continued talking about the principles of victory and Abdullah Razzak Hamdallah, who said: I am not the one who is searching for personal victories at the expense of victory, and whoever searches for them on my path, I say to him, you will lose because you mess with the wrong person, and my opinion remains the same. Victory is a club of principles and values, and praise be to God. It is an unrepeatable star, a different goal, and its work is rare.
The third tweet touched upon Bin Znan for what happened to victory in the Al-Faisaly match and the loss of 3 precious points, saying: What happened in the Al-Faisaly match, you can be emotional and settle your accounts with others, and you can be rational and fair, and also you can say that the absence of Hamad is the cause of the loss, and you can also To say that the victory was lost in the presence of Hamdallah more than once and that the loss has many causes, and Hamdallah is not the only cause.
Bin Zanan proposed solutions for managing the victory and the fans after the crisis of Hamdallah and the loss in front of Al-Faisaly, where he wrote in the fourth tweet: What are the “possible” solutions now, in my view, the coach discusses his choices and changes, discusses the management of the ball in some details of the players, and the players ’discussion of everything related to them. , And renewing confidence in the coach, players and management and trying to adjust what can be modified, after all this, success remains in the hands of God.


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