Istanbul Theater celebrates the “International Theater Day” with a symbolic celebration


Due to the conditions that humankind suffers from as a result of the spread of the Corona virus, the symbolic celebration held by the “Istanbuli Theater” administration and the “Tero Society for the Arts” was limited to the occasion of “World Theater Day”, which falls on March 27 of each year. Through the live broadcasting of theatrical messages recorded from their homes through social media platforms, and lighting the exterior of the Lebanese National Theater with candles as a greeting to the souls of the disease victims of the Corona virus.
Also in this context, the association organized training workshops for children and youth, dealing with drawing and script writing, via live broadcast on the Internet, in addition to its intention to implement a project “from the net” that includes the production of a short cinematic film on mobile, while inviting those interested to shoot a clip Mobile phone video, from their balcony, provided that the tape includes a story, song, poem, or music and the maximum time to send the video, and it should not exceed two minutes until next March 31. The association also launched, through its page, free shows for short cinemas, which recently participated in the Tire International Film Festival for Short Films, and a set of short films produced by Tiro Arts.


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