Israel wants to spread “Corona” in its prisons!


In light of the failure to reach a vaccine against the Corona virus until now, while people are quarrying themselves in their homes in an attempt to reduce the possibility of infection. While on the phone or television, some advice from doctors about strengthening the immune system, such as stopping smoking, or relying on some foods, nutrients, vitamins, drinking fluids, etc., reaches them to the extent of being confused with any advice they rely on from this “catalog,” decide Palestinian prisoners yesterday escalated their struggle against the prison authorities, which decided to deprive them of 140 items of food and detergent! All of this happens at a time when the meter of the Israeli casualties in the “welfare state” crossed the threshold of a thousand injuries, despite the attempts of the occupation authorities to contain the crisis and limit the extent of the epidemic, as I deliberately declared a state of emergency and took many measures attached to the situation. Huge budgets were also allocated to supply temporary hospitals and facilities, until it came to preparing some parking lots in huge commercial complexes, and emptying some hotels for the purpose of quarantine. Nevertheless, the number of wounded and detained detainees is still rising, including army soldiers, officers and senior officials in the security services, which means, accordingly, the high probability of injuries reaching the heart of prisons crowded with Palestinian prisoners, as the security services personnel, interrogators and jailers, mix with these.
Against this background, Israel, unlike many other countries, may find an opportunity in this virus to kill prisoners and rid themselves of their burden, as until now it has not taken any action to protect them. On the contrary, the Israeli Prison Authority withdrew more than 140 items of food from the “canteen”, including chicken and meat, dairy products, and spices, in addition to types of cleaning materials!
In front of these repressive measures that do not find someone to deter them, the captive movement in the occupation prisons decided to initiate escalatory measures, including closing the sections, and returning the meals, threatening to take further steps if the Israeli administration did not respond to its demands to sterilize the cells, and to introduce detergents, medical supplies and others to confront the epidemic. .

More than 700 male and female captives suffer from chronic diseases, including the elderly

In this context, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported, in a statement yesterday, that “the prisoners will initiate protest steps against the occupation prisons administration, which is to close the sections and return meals in the various detention centers in response to the administration’s failure to take the necessary measures and health measures to confront the Corona epidemic.” ». She explained that the new protest steps come “in denunciation and rejection of the occupation prisons administration and the company (Dadach) to withdraw more than 140 items of basic food and needs and detergents from the cantina (prison canteens), such as meat, vegetables, fruits, spices and detergents, despite the exceptional circumstances in the face of the Corona virus, Through cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. ”
What is remarkable in the statement of the commission is what the prisoners are informed of by the prison administration at the end of last month, in addition to depriving them of basic needs, the Prison Authority Administration decided to implement a number of escalatory measures against the prisoners, among them that preparing food will only be in the hands of criminal prisoners, and reducing the number of TV stations From 10 to 7, reducing the number of loaves of bread from 5 to 4 per prisoner, withdrawing the electrical tiles used for cooking, and the prisoners depend on them to cook food, and the colors of the sheets and covers should be in one color.
These measures not only indicate that the occupation is determined to deepen repression and violate the rights of prisoners, but also a clear attempt by it to take advantage of the emerging health conditions in light of the spread of the epidemic, to further abuse and besiege the prisoners, by providing all the appropriate conditions for the virus to spread. Although the lives of these people were already threatened due to the harsh conditions inside the imprisoned environment, the possibility of an outbreak of the epidemic compounded the threats; prisons were overcrowded with more than five thousand prisoners, including more than 700 male and female prisoners of the elderly, or who suffer from various diseases, including chronic ones that The immune system is weakened, along with more than 180 children, and 43 mothers.


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