Is there a reason preventing gold from reaching $ 1,800 an ounce?


China records the first trade gap since March 2018, as China unexpectedly recorded a trade deficit of $ 7.09 billion in the January-February 2020 period, ignoring expectations of a surplus of $ 24.6 billion. This is the first trade gap since March 2018, as the outbreak of the Corona virus cut production, disrupted supply and supply chains, and reduced demand. On an annual basis, exports fell 17.2%, much worse than forecasts for a 14% decrease while imports shrank by 4%, better than forecasts for a 15% drop. The trade surplus with the United States shrank to 25.37 billion dollars from 42.16 billion dollars in the previous year. The disruption of cinemas and theaters, airlines and international companies stopped the launch of new products such as Apple.
Covid 19 is still an icon of global fear of stagnating growth in industrialized countries
The number of people infected with the Coronavirus around the world exceeded 100,000 on Friday, as many governments and central banks intensified their efforts to combat the epidemic. In addition, the authorities require citizens to work from home, close schools and cancel mass gatherings and events. The outbreak has killed more than 3,300 people worldwide, and a new quantitative easing or interest rate cut for a negative region may go to the European Union’s bank this week.
Do you expect peaks above $ 1700? Yes dear trader, the road is open to $ 1800, where current global events are all that the yellow metal needs as a safe haven for investors around the world. A decline that may deepen its losses financial markets more than what happened in the collapse of 2008 and the collapse of oil talks in Vienna made oil $ 31 for the first time since the collapse In 2016, weak oil demand is likely as we wait for next week. The performance of industrial production indicators in China does not seduce big US job data in February. May be a catastrophic month for US economic indicators, along with returns on US bonds for 30 years and 10 years in low historical areas that support More Of the rise of gold for the medium term to numbers up to 1750 and then 1790 dollars soon, the best purchase areas are the highest levels of 1660 to 1650 dollars in the case of the initial correction to look for technical support to exceed 1700 and then to $ 1720,
Capital management alert is the only factor to keep your portfolio dear trader under these exceptional circumstances where sharp and volatile moves are clear features of the global money market at the moment.

Gold is gold

Clarify the risks: I wish we could fix the title for the last article to \ r \ n who benefits more from the US trade war or gold?


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