Is MSN returning? The Paris plan slaps Neymar and ends Barcelona’s dream


Spanish press reports revealed new developments in the transfer of Brazilian international Neymar Da Silva, player of Paris Saint-Germain, to Barcelona again.

The Spanish website Don Balloon said Barcelona seeks to repeat the wonderful moments of the presence of MSN Neymar, Messi and Suarez on the team again.

The site added, that it may be difficult to see Messi and Neymar again together in one team, in fact it is almost impossible, even though at Camp Nou they are looking for a formula that allows them to reinforce the attack with the Neymar deal.

The site continued that Neymar’s deal depended on his contract and the huge amount of money that Paris Saint-Germain is asking to leave for 300 million euros.

The site continued: “The problem is far from being unattainable for Barcelona given the current situation because of Corona, for any team due to the transaction price along with the player’s complaints for about 40 million euros, making Neymar’s signing of Barcelona difficult.

He continued: Despite FIFA’s regulations, after playing for three years in the club and refusing to renew, and this is what Neymar plays to leave for Barca, the French club will ask for compensation from FIFA if the Brazilian leaves, and this may lead to paying a greater amount than that proposed by Paris, Saint Germain closed the matter, Barcelona do not have a similar sum and the player has a valid contract and Barcelona’s dream is forgotten.


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