Iran reports 97 new deaths from Corona, and the toll rises to 611


05:48 PM

Saturday 14 March 2020

Iran – (AFP)

Iran announced today, Saturday, that it recorded 97 new deaths from the emerging coronavirus, taking the death toll to 611 nationwide.

The Ministry of Health spokesman Kyanosh Jahanpur pointed out that “1,365 new injuries were registered among the number of confirmed cases in the past 24 hours,” raising the death toll to 12,729.

More than 4,300 people among the injured were recovered, Jahanpur said at a press conference broadcast live.

The highest number of new injuries was reported in Tehran (347), followed by Isfahan (155) and then Al-Albarz Province in the north of the country (134).

The spokesman pointed out that “the number of confirmed injuries will rise” as laboratory tests progress.

The spread of the epidemic in Iran is one of the deadliest outside mainland China, where it began its first spread.

Despite the residents ’call to stay at home, Tehran’s markets are still crowded as many strive to shop on the outskirts of the country’s New Year holidays that start on March 20.

The Ministry of Health revealed on Friday that the average age of the deceased was 67 years. Deaths ranged from a minimum of three years, to a registered child with leukemia, and to a maximum of 91 years.

It is noteworthy that alcohol poisoning in some provinces caused more deaths than deaths caused by the virus.

At least 92 people have died as a result of ingesting methanol, after it was rumored that this substance could treat or protect against HIV infection. The toll has been rising over the past few days.

A horrific nightmare

Iran is preparing for the impact of these developments to receive its traditional annual feast, which is called “last Wednesday night” celebration, in reference to the last Wednesday in the Iranian year, which is celebrated as an introduction to Nowruz celebrations.

At this celebration, Iranians set fire to jumping over them and fireworks, with the risk of burn injuries requiring treatment.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered firefighters and health care teams to be on alert, at a time when a hospital director specializing in burn remedies has proposed to the government to prevent celebrations in light of the spread of the virus.

“Destruction of people with burns in light of the spread of the new Corona is a terrible nightmare,” Mustafa Dahmardi, director of “Tehran’s Hospital” in Tehran, told IRNA.

A number of former and current Iranian officials have contracted the virus, and some have died as a result.

The last suspected case was due to the advisor of the Iranian guide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati.

The Iranian committee to combat the spread of the virus held its meeting on Friday, headed by President Hassan Rouhani, but through the video communication mechanism.

On Friday, the State Department thanked countries that sent cash or material aid, similar to the equipment to combat the spread of the virus.

Its spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a tweet that the Iranian government and the Iranians “will never forget the friends who stood by them in difficult times.”

He thanked China, Turkey, the Emirates, Germany, France, Britain, Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan and Russia.

Iran announced on Thursday that it had asked the International Monetary Fund to allow it immediately to obtain financial assistance that would contribute to confronting the emerging corona, in what could represent the first similar loan in decades.


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