Iran explains why passports were not stamped after Saudi Arabia denounced the 48-hour deadline


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Iranian authorities have responded to recent reports that Iran is not stamping or tagging passports for incoming or outgoing travelers, and linked this to the spread of the new Corona virus in a number of countries in the region, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, which has reported injuries to people returning from Iran, has not disclosed their destination.

“The rules for issuing electronic visas in the Islamic Republic of Iran for nationals of all countries are the same, except for holders of British, American and Canadian passports that comply with the visa regime in many developed countries, which is not needed,” said Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, according to the country’s official news agency. Under it, to put the marks and stamp the entry and departure in order to speed up travel procedures and not to take part in the pages of the passport and that this policy is not limited to nationals of a particular country only. ”

And a responsible Saudi source denounced, according to the Saudi Press Agency, on Thursday, what he called “Iran’s irresponsible behavior of entering Saudi citizens to its territory, without stamping their passports,” after discovering 5 cases of Corona virus for Saudi citizens coming from Iran.

The responsible source urged all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks, to immediately disclose this, and to contact the Ministry of Health, through the toll-free number (937) allocated to the reports of the Ministry of Health to guide them to the measures to be taken, and the source also urged citizens who visit Iran Currently, this is disclosed upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

The source asserted, according to the agency’s description, that these citizens will be excluded from applying the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations in the event that they initiated this within a maximum period of time. 48 hours From the time this statement is issued.


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