IPhone provides a new service to help diagnose coronavirus infection


Apple has entered the Corona Virus Crisis Line to combat the spread of the epidemic that has caused the deaths of tens of thousands around the world, announcing the update of the voice assistant “Siri” on iPhone devices to answer user questions about the new Corona virus (Covid-19) and helps in diagnosing patients with the disease .

“Siri” works after the update that came into effect yesterday, according to Al-Jazeera Net, by answering questions related to the main symptoms of the Corona virus with “yes” or “no”, based on information from the American Public Health Service.

Among the questions that the voice assistant calls to iPhone: Do you have a fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath, and depending on your answer, the voice assistant may also ask if you have any contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Answer yes to Siri’s questions, and you will be directed to get immediate attention. If you tell Siri that you are not sure of your symptoms, he will advise you to be alert to any indications of Covid-19 infection that can appear up to 14 days after infection with the virus.

Siri advises users aged 65 years or over with serious medical conditions such as diabetes or heart and lung disease to contact a medical service provider.

In addition to diagnosing a set of basic symptoms, the new Corona Virus feature in Siri includes the App Store app link to Telehealth apps that promise “to help you communicate with your home’s healthcare provider,” and it’s assumed that the built-in apps have already been checked Apple App Store staff.

A few days ago, Google launched the Covid-19 portal, with a focus on education, prevention and local resources, and the Google Assistant Voice Assistant can also direct users to information about the Corona virus even on iPhones.

Apple’s efforts to tackle the Corona virus are not limited to Siri, as the company added to its TV service “Apple TV Plus” a new TV show, “Oprah Talks COVID-19”, in which Oprah Winfrey promises to meet with experts and others. Those affected by the Corona Virus pandemic, and the first episode contains an interview with the actor Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina Douri, who were confirmed to be infected with the Corona Virus, and episodes of this program will be shown on a weekly basis, according to his webpage.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that his company donates millions of N95 masks for use by health professionals struggling with disease outbreaks in the United States and Europe, after these masks are scarce, while Mike Pence, vice president of the company This figure is two million mask during a press conference the day before yesterday, Saturday.


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