“Internet outages” … a technical problem facing Windows 10 users … and the fix early April


A large number of users of computers running Windows 10 were surprised by the presence of some technical problems during the use of some important programs that lead to the interruption of the Internet connection.

Microsoft immediately released a clarification indicating a new Windows 10 operating system error affecting the internet connection for some users, and in some cases blocking major productivity applications, such as (Office 365) And the (Microsoft Teams) And the (Outlook), Other important business applications, and Microsoft’s web browsers have access to the Internet.

This bug is causing a problem for millions of employees around the world trying to use these applications to work from home amid the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The problem can affect those who use the Windows 10 update for May 2019 or the Windows 10 update for November 2019, due to the cumulative update (KB4535996) From Microsoft, an optional update released by the company in late February.

And bring the cumulative update (KB4535996) A number of fixes, including a solution to the problem that the Windows search box was not displayed correctly, also improved battery performance for laptops in modern standby mode.

Microsoft indicates that any program is used (WinHTTP) or (WinInet) He may have problems accessing the Internet, and it appears that many affected by this problem use VPNs (VPN) To access work resources.

The problem can occur when connecting to a network (VPN) Or disconnected from it, and the company states that: “There may be little or no internet connection status in the network connection status indicator (NCSI) In the notification area for devices using a manual or auto-configured proxy, especially with a VPN (VPN).

Regarding the repair, Microsoft is giving a high priority to this matter, and plans to issue a correction to this problem in early April, provided that the update is available through the list of Microsoft updates, and the company says that Windows 10 users may be able to alleviate the problem by restarting the device.


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