International piracy .. Will WhatsApp win over the Israeli spy company?


WhatsApp took a step forward in its lawsuit against the Israeli NSO group specializing in spyware development, after representatives of the group did not appear in court in California.

WhatsApp has been raised A lawsuit against NSO Last October, after evidence was found that the Israeli company had misused a vulnerability in the popular chat program in the company’s messaging app Facebook, with the aim of spying on Hundreds of smartphones remotely.

The lawsuit – along with WhatsApp alert messages sent to hundreds of users allegedly affected by piracy – have sparked much controversy over surveillance and espionage actions by “NSO” around the world.

The case is being closely followed because it is the first time that a major service provider has sued a breakout company on behalf of its users.

The legal documents provided by WhatsApp explain the company’s repeated efforts to deliver court notices and case documents to the Israeli company, including emails to senior executives, copies of FedEx delivered to NSO board members, and even a copy of the lawsuit that was submitted manually The wife of the founder of NSO at her home in New Jersey.

In a statement, WhatsApp indicated that “NSO” had not appeared before the judge, and continued the statement that it “will continue to pursue rapid accountability from the courts in the United States.”

The failure to attend notice paves the way for an absentee judgment against “NSO” that may include court orders and damages, but a cybersecurity specialist said that this may not happen.

Scott Wattnick, of New Zealand’s Welk Islander law firm, says the courts are not tough about absentee sentences and usually overturn them when challenged.


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