International Capital Trading supports retail and hospitality tenants, partners and suppliers


International Capital Trading (ICT) has announced a series of initiatives aimed at supporting all retailers, the hospitality sector, partners and suppliers of its real estate portfolio.
Hamad Al Shamsi, Group CEO said in a statement: “We have taken a number of key steps to support all the tenants of the retail sector and the hospitality sector and our partners and suppliers, including providing a period of grace for rents to the tenants of the retail sector and the hospitality sector within the real estate portfolio for a period of three months, in addition to restructuring payment plans And extend them in proportion to their needs ».
On our part, we are committed to financial payment to all partners and suppliers according to the contracts and without any delay, knowing that we will continue to monitor the situation closely and conduct further studies to support the tenants and suppliers as needed.
He noted that the group is committed to completing all of its under-construction projects.
Al-Shamsi concluded, “We have taken these steps to ensure that this period with our partners is exceeded with the least possible losses and with more force.”


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