In the video .. Asala’s mother embarrasses her by speaking in a spontaneous live broadcast


The mother of the Syrian actress, Asala Nasri, embarrassed, during a live broadcast, as she browsed some strange situations on her phone, and talked about the fate of women she did not mention, that they “went pregnant” after the quarantine.

Asala Nasri had started a live broadcast accompanied by her two children playing, so Asala’s mother appeared behind them and launched some funny sentences, asala warns her that she is on the air, then the Syrian artist is forced to end the live broadcast after her mother mentioned the name of the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe.

The video was very popular with followers of the artist Asala Nasri, and there were numerous comments between a critic and a questioner about the “pregnant women” mentioned by her mother.

One of the followers commented, “I didn’t understand how a quarantine came and they got pregnant?”, While another called for the broadcast to be completed, to find out what you will talk about Haifa Wehbe.

It is noteworthy that Asala announced her separation from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, in the beginning of 2020, through a post on her account at “Instagram”.


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