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“Smart Dubai”, in cooperation with “Emirates Today”, launched a campaign “Restore Our Services at Ptek”, which aims to enhance the use of smart services, and encourage and urge all members of society, companies and government institutions to use them more during the current stage and conditions in the world, which “Smart Dubai” provides them within effective applications, which are: “Dubai now” and “smart employee” and “digital identity”, where these applications provide to all most of the services that they need in their daily or practical life, which they can perform through their smart devices, and without The need to visit service centers, or to deal directly with a For individuals, cash, papers, or payment machines.

In view of the important and fundamental role of social media and its various channels, as well as influencers from the sons of the Emirates, we hope in “Smart Dubai” that everyone participates in this campaign, and stimulates through the tools that each individual has to use smart services, to protect him and protect society, and ensure the safety of everyone in our country UAE.

Through the campaign, we will broadcast videos on the social media platforms of «Emirates Today» on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn how to use the services of Dubai Smart.

Today, we will learn about the advantages of the Dubai Now application and how to use it.

The Dubai Now application is the comprehensive application for the city’s services, as it is provided completely digital and non-paper and helps all Dubai residents to complete their governmental transactions through their smart phones and from anywhere.

You can use the “Dubai Now” application to pay bills and violations, charge Salik and Nol cards, fill fuel at ENOC terminals, and reach more than 100 services, as it is the application you need whether to fill fuel at ENOC stations, track flights, or renew vehicle licenses, and the service for obtaining ” Academic record “now also available through the” Dubai Now “application.

You can also sign a “school contract” through the application, as the services of “Dubai Now” application have expanded to 116 services provided by 33 participating agencies, by providing integrated experiences for customers.

The services provided by the application fall into 10 sectors of the city: security and justice, public transportation, residence visas, vehicle driving, health, business and employment, education, housing, Islam, donations and public services.

The application also allows users to, for example: pay traffic violations, pay electricity and water bills, “Etisalat” and “du” bills, “Nol” and “Salik” cards, determine the nearest vehicle registration center, and pay the car fuel filling value at any of the stations “ENOC” through the application.

The “residency” services that can be performed through the application are: issuing and renewing the residency, modifying the residency, transferring sponsorship, and canceling the residency entirely, in addition to inquiring about the status of the visa that enables the customer to know his visa status if it is a valid or invalid visa. And it includes individuals and institutions, and the residence management service during which the customer can renew the residency that includes the wife and children, obtaining a new entry permit that includes the wife and children, and the request is received and terminated electronically according to the fulfillment of the conditions within a few minutes.

The “Dubai Now” and “Smart Employee” applications can be easily downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.




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