In pictures – without guests … Nadine Najim celebrates her daughter’s birthday


Imane Mandour In the news, celebrity life

Posted: Friday, 27 March 2020 – 23:12

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        Because of the curfews imposed in many countries, to curb the spread of the new Corona virus, artist Nadine Najim celebrated her daughter's birthday at home, only with her two children.<p>Also read: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Six Korea brings together Sirine Abdel Nour and Nadine Njeim</a>

Nadine, through her Instagram account, posted several pictures of the celebration in which she appeared with her son and daughter inside the house, and a writer commented: “I could not have any holiday with you, my life, your birthday, even if we were alone at home in the pajamas … No heart would have passed your birthday without cake I would have told you that I I love you, proud of you, and make you happy.

She continued: “Sweetheart of my heart every year, and you are fine, health, happiness, joy and wishing you the best days and away from you the sons of the forbidden, sick and evil. God willing, the crisis will be fine for the good and the year of the coming will be better for us and we will make the sweetest holiday with your love for the last breath to save the world.”

Nadine Nassib Njeim, had participated in the Ramadan 2019 drama season, through the series “Five and Text” alongside Moatasem Al-Nahar, Qusai Khouli, Rafik Ali Ahmed, Rola Hamadeh, Nawal Kamel, Julian Farhat, and Rowad Alyo, which was written by Iman Al-Saeed , Directed by Philip Asmar.

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