In implementation of the directives of the wise leadership .. “Shield of the Nation” issues its new issue “electronically” to confront Corona


In implementation of the directions of the rational leadership and in implementation of the decision of the “National Media Council” to stop the circulation of newspapers and magazines and paper “marketing publications” temporarily until further notice in the face of the new Corona virus (COFFED-19), the “Shield of the Nation” magazine issued by the General Command of the Armed Forces issued its new monthly number No. (579) It made it available to its readers and followers on its website.

The Shield of Al-Watan Magazine’s decision, which its interested readers and followers of the national affairs can browse the new issue on the magazine’s website at, is in line with the precautionary measures and preventive measures taken by the concerned authorities in the UAE in the face of the emerging Corona virus “Covid” 19 “Among them is the decision to stop the circulation of paper publications due to the transmission that these publications may contribute to if they circulate as a result of contact with large numbers of people in newspapers, magazines and publications, where readers of the magazine can obtain a copy of their new number via the link / https: // bit. ly / 2UuF6MN /.

Colonel Yusuf Juma Al-Haddad, Editor-in-Chief of the Shield of the Nation, stressed that the magazine, with its advanced digital infrastructure, will continue its pivotal role assigned to it since its launch in August 1971 by publishing news, topics, strategic and military reports, and raising national issues that affect the future of the country and the life of the citizen, Noting that, under the direction of the General Command of the Armed Forces, the “National Shield” will continue its active contributions to awareness-raising and education efforts to prevent the emerging corona virus through its various platforms alongside ministries, institutions and local federal bodies to preserve Sala Community health, health security, and safety of its members, in order to preserve their lives, as the human being is the real wealth of the Emirates and the focus of rational leadership until the ship of the homeland crosses to safety in light of this exceptional circumstance experienced by the countries of the world, including the United Arab Emirates, which was under the guidance of the wise leadership to take the lead in taking steps That work in the face of the Corona virus.


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