Image … announcing the result of Trump’s testing of the Corona virus


Sean Conley, the president’s physician, announced Saturday night a picture of Donald Trump’s new Corona virus test results after a controversy.

The results of the examination showed that the Trump sample was “negative”, which means that he was not infected with the Coronavirus.

Doctor Sean Conley said: “This evening I received confirmation that the (SKV) test was negative.”

“A week after eating dinner in Maralago, Florida, with the Brazilian delegation, the president does not show any symptoms,” he added.

Prior to that, Trump announced during a press conference that he will undergo medical tests that are part of the precautionary measures to combat the Corona virus.

Trump confirmed the allocation of about $ 4 billion to tackle the Corona virus, and talked about the availability of $ 50 billion in the emergency plan.

On Friday, President Trump said he did not feel “any symptoms” indicating that he had developed the new Corona virus.

On Friday, Trump was seen shaking hands with a number of people at a meeting of the Corona virus team in the United States, contrary to medical recommendations to avoid shaking hands.

On Saturday, the White House announced that it will examine the temperature of “all those in close contact” with the President of the United States and Vice President Mike Pence as a “precautionary measure” against the Corona virus “Covid-19”.

“As a precaution, from now on, all of the people who are in close contact with the president and his deputy will be examined,” White House spokesman Judge Dir said in a statement.

The US President also said at a press conference that he would expand the travel ban to the United States to include Britain and Ireland, and that he was considering more restrictions on domestic transfers between states as part of the plan to tackle the virus.

So far, the United States has recorded 55 deaths from the emerging coronavirus.

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