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The Egyptian poet, Mostafa Morsi, broke his silence to reveal the details of the dispute between him and the Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, the wife of the artist Tamer Hosni, who arrived in the courtyards, in order to obtain his right.

Mustafa said, in television statements: “Basma Bousil was a project for me years ago and I made a great effort and spent a lot on it and we implemented songs and made her come to Egypt and I was the reason why she recognized Tamer Hosni and married him.”

As for the first meeting between Basma and Tamer, he said: “It was on my way, then we were at the Mawazine Festival, and I asked Basma Bousil for me to greet Tamer Hosni because she loves him as a very artist and I took her already.

The Egyptian poet added: “I was surprised that Basma Bousil no longer answered my calls and left the place where she made her stay in Egypt because she is a trust from her family in Morocco with me, and when she spoke to her father he told me that he knows his daughter Ayna, and then I learned that Basma Bousil is staying in Tamer’s house Hosni and then they got married. ”

In this context, Morsi stressed that what Basma did, and her lack of response to it, caused him to lose a lot as he established a company in Morocco specifically because of the contract between them, and that he made him turn to the courts and the judiciary, stressing that he would not leave his right without obtaining it.

On the other hand, Basma had congratulated her husband on the occasion of obtaining the prize of the first Egyptian artist attending his country Guinness Record for the largest blood donation campaign, which he held with his fans, a prize that depends on the artistic value, and among those who obtained this award is the hero of the movie “Iron” man “Robert Downey Jr., who posted a photo through her personal Asturian, wrote” Very Proud to You “, and the image of the award quickly spread across the communication sites to congratulate the Egyptian artist.

It is mentioned that Basma Bousil is a Moroccan fashion designer and singer who participated in the sixth edition of the Star Academy program, where she reached the finals, finishing second, the wife of singer Tamer Hosni.

Basma, before her participation in Star Academy 6, was presented to the University of Medicine in France and she was accepted, but she left the university and entered Star Academy, and decided after the program to continue her studies, but in a field that helps her succeed in art. In 2012, Basma married Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni, and they have two daughters, Talia and Amaya. In 2018 she gave birth to her son Adam.

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