“I am honored and not ashamed of it.” Abu Hashima talks about his association with Yasmine P.


12:34 am

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashimia revealed the details of his association with the artist Yasmine Sabry, in his first media appearance on the “Russia Today Online” program.

Abu Hashima said: “I announced my association with Yasmin Sabri, which is an honor for me, and I am not ashamed of this association until I hide it.”

Abu Hashima added: “Very soon, I will announce the engagement and the wedding date.”

He continued: “I do not like to talk about my private life, but when a rumor came out that belonged to me and related to Yasmin, I was in one way or another asking my media office to respond.”

Abu Hashima continued: “The engagement period will not be prolonged and marriage will take place at the earliest time.”

Last Friday, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima announced that he was officially linked to the artist Yasmine Sabry, confirming that the marriage contract will be soon, and this official announcement came, after many rumors and speculation that have been raised about them during the past days.

Abu Hashima’s dialogue with Russia today


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