HUAWEI MateBook series is driving the laptop market


Stylish design, robust hardware and better connectivity are key factors that will draw young consumers ’attention to laptops in the future.
During the past years, the developments of smartphones exceeded the developments in the field of laptops that declined in the field of innovation, which led to the emergence of a wide gap between the two categories, and consumers realized that this decline occurred, which led to a slowdown in overall market performance.
Nevertheless, there are still potential growth opportunities for untapped potential in this sector. IDC reports that global shipments increased by 2.7% year on year during 2019, which was the first year of growth for the computer market, (which includes computers Desktop, mobile and work platforms), since the market achieved a 1.7% overall growth in 2011, and the Middle East region is keeping pace with this trend by registering single-digit growth in this market.
Smartphones have demonstrated the desire of consumers to acquire devices that provide them with innovative solutions that meet their daily needs, and the laptop segment was previously divided into categories that include entertainment or productivity laptops.
In order to capture consumer attention, laptops should include a host of attractive features, such as: portability, elegant design, and advanced processing capabilities.

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Moreover, laptops have tremendous technology development potential and connectivity to other devices, and I noticed Huawei This changing trend, and it is ready to make a fundamental change in the sector, in line with its quest to make a qualitative shift in this sector by offering ultra-thin and high-performance products, and is a rich addition to its growing system of devices.

The new generation of laptops is designed to fit the lifestyles of modern consumers And their requirements mean those who prefer to use multiple devices in their daily lives such as smartphones and tablets.

These devices are gaining increasing importance as a preferred option to enjoy experiences of watching entertainment content online, and on the other hand, young professionals are seeking to acquire products that suit their schedules, which means giving them the ability to complete the difficult tasks while connecting their computers to other devices.

Instead of being separate devices, the new laptops will sync with existing user devices via a shared, connected system of smartphones, tablets, and other smart technologies.

Laptops can meet the needs of users And their requirements that require highly efficient operational performance while playing games or programming or performing creative tasks, and this contributes to giving them more specialized and professional capabilities to accomplish their tasks, thus enhancing their ability to do business while taking advantage of the capabilities of effective and highly efficient processing.

The new generation of laptops features Huawei Modern design, with a 13-inch high-definition screen with a large screen-to-body ratio, as well as a separate graphics processing unit, and a built-in high-performance fingerprint sensor.

This type of laptop computer is witnessing a strong demand from university students, graduates, high school students, professionals and young entrepreneurs, and this segment attracts consumers, from technology enthusiasts, to trusted brands that have a proven record of high-quality products that give them unique advantages while providing value for money the money.

Despite being a relatively newcomer to the laptop market, Huawei has built a solid reputation in the market for innovative smartphones, wearable devices and smart home devices, which continue to advance the path of technological advancement.

The Huawei laptop sector not only provides Huawei with a comprehensive and diversified portfolio of products, but also continues the company’s drive to develop a common system of hardware and software, and this reflects a broader trend at the sector level, its most prominent title is the blending of computer products and smart phone technologies.

Huawei takes advantage of its expertise and advanced capabilities in the field of research and development linked to smartphones, wearable devices and smart home devices, to change the rules of the game in the computer sector, and to transform it through the launch of the MateBook series computers, and the company has built 36 joint centers of innovation and 15 centers of research and development in various Around the world, which contributes to advancing technology innovation and maintaining its position as a leader in the sector.

This led to the development of the first HUAWEI FullView Display laptop, and a patented recessive camera, as well as a sound system with four amplifiers including two high-frequency Twitters speakers at the top, and two low-frequency Woofers at the bottom, as well as integration Between the function of the power button and the fingerprint sensor, as well as the advantages and the ability to connect between Windows and Android devices with ease, with the feature of multi-screen collaboration.

By developing technology, and based on consumer opinions, Huawei can provide comprehensive digital experiences across multiple screens that users can enjoy, and this has contributed to Huawei winning consumer trust and appreciation from its broader partners.

And being the second largest smartphone seller in the world, Huawei was able to consolidate its brand position and global presence, which means that the company has an ideal position to strongly enter the market of comprehensive portable computers, by launching its series of innovative computers, MateBook 13, Matebook14 and MateBook D.

These powerful computers provide an ideal solution for consumers looking for high-performance, stylish design computers that can be flexibly and seamlessly connected to an existing system of devices.

Huawei will introduce the MateBook 13 laptop in the Middle East as one of the main markets for laptops, as this region embraces a wide segment of young people, making the MateBook series laptops the ideal choice for the new generation of professionals and young entrepreneurs.

The MateBook 13 features a HUAWEI FullView Display (2K) with ultra-slim bezels within a ultra-slim metal body of 14.9 mm thick.

The computer will change the way you perform tasks, with an elegant design that includes extremely powerful performance in a lightweight body, and this computer forms part of Huawei’s growing portfolio of connected devices supported by the multi-screen collaboration feature.

Moreover, the computer is equipped with a high-efficiency battery with a long life that enables the use of the computer throughout the day, in addition to its support for HUAWEI SuperCharge technology, which allows quick recharging, allowing to take the computer to almost anywhere.

The new HUAWEI MateBook 13, MateBook 14 and MateBook D series laptops meet the needs of consumers at competitive prices, making it a preferred choice for graduate users and young professionals.

The luxury products market is a major focus in Huawei’s strategy for laptops, and the company is benefiting from its vast experiences in the areas of smartphones and wearable devices, to push the boundaries of innovation in the laptop market.

Modern consumers are seeking laptop computers that can bridge the technology gap with smartphones, by providing stronger performance, great design, and advanced and smart communication features. Huawei has started building the infrastructure necessary to connect devices to an integrated system of products and services.


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