Huawei launches the HUAWEI AppGallery platform, one of the three best platforms for distributing applications globally


HUAWEI AppGallery – the official application distribution platform launched by Huawei, provides a new alternative for its users. As one of the three best app stores worldwide, the HUAWEI AppGallery platform is now available in more than 170 countries / regions with 400 million monthly active users (MAUs), providing key applications and services worldwide.

Huawei’s vision is to make HUAWEI AppGallery an open and innovative platform for distributing applications that consumers can access, while strictly protecting users’ privacy and security and providing them with a unique and smart experience. Huawei has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, which lays a solid foundation for ecosystem development. Together with Huawei’s mobile services -HMS Core, which unlocks a variety of software and hardware capabilities from Huawei, Huawei provides an innovative application experience for users

The company has invested in over 3,000 engineers to develop the HUAWEI AppGallery platform and has invested $ 1 billion in development incentives. Huawei has also published a series of privacy safety measures geared to all life scenarios, which are designed according to diverse and smart life requirements according to Huawei’s promise of “privacy, under your control.”

A reliable, privacy-controlled system for high-quality applications:

The new HUAWEI AppGallery publishes the highest level of verification to isolate and protect sensitive user data and privacy. Personal sensitive information – such as vital data – will not be processed outside of the Huawei device, giving the user complete control over their personal data 1. The EMUI user interface allows users to control application user permission. Most importantly, the user data is anonymized and stored locally, consistent with each user’s region. In addition, all applications pass a rigorous verification test to prevent developer applications from malicious activity. The platform has also implemented a worldwide app classification system.

In order to meet the demands of users, Huawei is constantly increasing the selection of the best applications that have become essential to the users’ digital lifestyle, be it global or local applications. The platform currently divides apps across 18 categories of news, social media, entertainment and much more that can be found easily. If there is an app that users can’t find, they can add it to their “Wishlist – Wishlist”, which will notify them as soon as the app is available.

Optimized for Huawei devices – quick apps feature:

HUAWEI AppGallery comes preinstalled on devices. Applications that are loaded from the platform are optimized to work on Huawei devices, providing amazing ability on the device, and interactions that enhance each other between programs and devices.

The Quick App feature has been developed by Huawei and other brands, and is an application ecosystem that includes a new type of application free of installation. It provides good user experience, powerful functions and automatic updates to HTML5 pages, as well as consumes very little memory. Although users are given the same experience as traditional apps, apps are written with only 1/5 of the icons compared to Android system apps, and therefore take up less memory space. Users can accommodate more than 2000 fast apps instead of 20 local apps with only 1GB capacity. Users can also add their favorite apps to their desktop or access the app via the Quick App Center for easy access. In the era of the fifth generation network, Huawei strives to create a more convenient and efficient lightweight application experience and provide users with more options.

1 Huawei’s global compliance framework complies with the generally accepted privacy principle (GAPPs) issued by AICPA / CICA and European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as local laws and regulations around the world. Since obtaining the ISO / IEC27001 and CSA Star security certification obtained in 2015 and the ISO / IEC 27018 certification for privacy standards received in October 2019, HMS has been one of the first companies to obtain ISO / IEC 27701 issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI), leader in security, transparency and privacy compliance for personal data.


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