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XDA developers revealed that Huawei is designing an application called “AppSearch”, which is currently being tested in Germany, to help users install popular applications like Facebook and WhatsApp, without accessing Google applications.

Website developers revealed XDA, about Huawei’s design An app called ‘AppSearch’, currently being tested in Germany, to help users install popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, Without access to Google applications.

According to the app description, it can be used with “Mate 30 Series, P40 Series and Mate X’s” with the P40 coming up for sale soon, the app can be officially launched with the launch of this phone, andSales of Mate 30 outside China have been very slow, so there is no doubt that Huawei is doing anything to boost P40 sales.

A developer at XDA in Germany has downloaded the app to Huawei Mate 30 Pro to show how it works, according to the description Huawei, You can download the AppSearch from the AppGallery store

Program presents AppSearch Common apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter, or let you search for the app you choose.

It does not provide a program AppSearch downloads directly, but it sends you to a site where you can find it.

Huawei expressly states that it “helps users find popular applications by incorporating multiple download sources provided by third parties.

Owners of Mate 30 and devices are used Huawei The other solution to the Google Play solution via a dodgy app called LZ Play, but after users indicated its source, the application was withdrawn and the company Huawei For any involvement.

That’s why a company bears Huawei No legal liability for AppSearch, although it gives users an easy way to install Google Apps.

Google is reportedly looking into the app anyway, according to Forbes, to make sure it doesn’t violate US laws.

AppSearch is available on the website Huawei German on the web.

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