Huawei announces its new smart watch, Huawei Watch GT2e


The new (Huawei Watch GT2E) is distinct from the (Huawei Watch GT2), which provides specifications specifically targeted for athletes, however, it comes at a price lower than the last, available at a price of 200 euros instead of 250 euros.
The watch also differs with the built-in thermo-polyurethane bracelet, which provides better ventilation. The watch also has a stainless steel body that is water and dust resistant according to the 5 ATM standard.
And it contains (Huawei Watch GT2E) battery that Huawei says is enough for two weeks, thanks to the Kirin A1 processor. But when GPS tracking is used, the duration is reduced to 30 hours. The watch has a 4GB internal storage.
Similar to sports smart watches, the new Huawei Watch is able to track different exercises, such as: surfing to rock climbing, surfing, and street dancing. The SpO2 sensor allows the watch to calculate VO2Max, which is the maximum measured oxygen consumption during additional exercises.
The watch supports the TruRelax feature that helps users manage stress through breathing exercises, and another feature that will monitor sleep, helps users get more comfortable by identifying 6 common types of sleep problems.
(Huawei Watch GT2E) is available in four colors: black, red, green and white.
This, and Huawei today also announced a new color choice from the (Huawei Watch GT2) watch measuring 42 mm, which is the golden color. This option will be available at a price of 230 euros. There is no information about when the new watches will be put on the market.


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