How to reduce data consumption during WhatsApp calls and videos


At a time when the entire country is under a ban to stop spreading Corona virus emergingThe main way to communicate with friends and family is through smart phones And instant messaging platforms.

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Prepare Whatsapp Owned for Facebook Among the most popular instant messaging platforms, with features such as sharing multimedia content and voice and video calls using VoIP services, and given that all of them depend on internet and data speed, it is a power hungry app.

According to a report by the Android Authority, WhatsApp consumes around 740kb / min via a voice call, now the data consumption will increase with Video calls.

The Smartphone Operators Association requested at India COAI recently reduced internet consumption to free up some bandwidth for essential services.

What we should do to reduce data consumption WhatsApp?

Obviously, we will not ask you to stop Make video calls Or stop sharing photos and videos, so follow these steps to reduce WhatsApp data consumption:

Steps to reduce WhatsApp call data consumption

1.Open WhatsApp and tap the three vertical points

2. Go to settings and tap on the option to use data and storage

3. Look for the option to use low data in connection settings and turn on the switch in front of the option

Steps to reduce data and video data consumption

The best thing to do is turn off

Turn on automatic download feature Here’s how to do it.
1. Go to WhatsApp settings

2. Click Data Usage and Storage

3.Tap when using mobile data, uncheck all boxes, then click OK

4. Repeat the same option for the other two options – when connected to Wi-Fi and when roaming

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Steps to exclude videos from chat chat backup

It is already clear that WhatsApp videos are consuming data for uploading and downloading.

These days, most of the shared videos are associated with corona virus or any other random things that may not be worth the backup as chat backup also consumes data to upload to the cloud.

If you want to save some, you can always upload them manually to cloud storage.

To do this, find the chat backup option under Settings – Chat, then turn off the embed videos button.


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