How does Ronaldo and his family spend the quarantine period ?!


Yesterday, Thursday, Italian press reports revealed that Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, will remain in his country for the entire period of quarantine imposed on the team’s players and staff.Daniele Rogani, the defender of the “old lady” team, had tested positive for the emerging “Corona” virus, forcing 121 Juventus players and players to quarantine.

According to the network, “Sky Italy”, Ronaldo will remain in constant contact with the medical staff of “Juventus”, while in quarantine in Portugal, that is, for a period of 14 days, after which it will be determined how to proceed, given the limited flights to and from Italy, where It has become difficult for Cristiano to return to Turin now with his own plane.The sister of Portuguese star Katia posted on Instagram a picture of her with Ronaldo, their sister Elma and their brother Hugo on Wednesday.

His wife, Georgina Rodriguez, also published photos of where the Italian team’s top scorer is serving a quarantine in his hometown on the Portuguese island of Madeira, a luxury mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with its own rooftop pool.

According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, Ronaldo was seen wandering in Madeira before his colleague was confirmed to be infected with Corona virus, where he went last Tuesday to Madeira Botanical Garden with his family, after he visited his mother in the hospital one day, and was wearing protective clothing, including gloves And gags.Ronaldo traveled to Madeira to check on his mother, who was hospitalized after suffering a stroke last week, and was supposed to return Thursday to Turin, but it was proven that the injury of the team’s defender Rogani canceled the return trip and the completion of the quarantine period in his country.

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