How does chloroquine work … medicine approved by Trump to treat corona?


After US President Donald Trump announced his administration’s approval of a malaria drug called “hydroxychloroquine” to be used to treat people with corona, and said the results are promising, a question arises about how this drug can treat people with “corona”?

Available information about this treatment indicates that it is currently being tried in the United States, China, Australia and France in order to find out its usefulness for treating the Covid-19 epidemic.

The founder of the Tesla company, American billionaire Elon Musk, praised him a few days ago, and called for his studies because he saved his life in 2000 when he had malaria.

Indeed, there are studies in the United States, including one by a medical team from the University of Minnesota in the American Midwest with the participation of about 1500 patients.

But what is the common cause of malaria caused by a parasite and Covid-19 disease caused by a virus?

Laboratory experiments have shown that this drug, used since 1944 to treat malaria, can also be used to treat viruses.

Scientific research indicates the ability of this drug to prevent and treat acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) disease that affects the respiratory system and symptoms similar to Covid-19, both of which belong to the Corona family.

Symptoms of “SARS” in the initial stages include fever, chills, pain, headache, and sometimes diarrhea, then develop into severe fever and shortness of breath, and may lead to death just as it does with the new disease.

Because malaria was proven effective with SARS, it was rather to study its effect also on Covid-19 patients.

It turns out that “hydroxychloroquine” can shrink viral molecules when a person becomes infected with a virus, as this drug inhibits the action of proteins responsible for infections that occur due to the virus.

The explanation is that when a person is infected with a viral infection, the protein protrusions of the virus relate to receptors on the outer surface of human cells.

Chloroquine interferes with the action of these receptors, that is, it disrupts the ability of the virus to attach to cells.

Researchers in China found that by using this drug with Covid-19 patients suffering from pneumonia, they managed to reduce their infection and were able to discharge early from the hospital.

The researchers also seek to see if this drug can also be used for prevention, that is, to prevent the occurrence of the virus.

To date, the results indicate that this drug should be used only for patients with advanced conditions, that is, severe symptoms of the virus, and not only for those with normal flu-like symptoms.

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