How do you distinguish between influenza and corona? .. Know the differences and similarities between them


After the spread of the Corona virus in 89 countries around the world, with the difficulty of differentiating between the influenza virus and Corona, WHO presents similarities and differences between them as both are due to respiratory infection.

How influenza viruses similar to Corona virus?

First: Both cause respiratory diseases

Hand washing is necessary after sneezing or coughing
Hand washing is necessary after sneezing or coughing

Second: Both cause mild symptoms to severe disease leading to death.

The streets are empty
The streets are empty because of Corona

Third: Both viruses are transmitted through contact and virginity.

As a result, public health guidelines recommend taking health measures, such as hand hygiene and following good respiratory etiquette, “coughing in your elbow or handkerchief, and promptly disposing of napkins or clothing that you sneeze or coughing, which are important measures everyone can take to prevent infection..

Fourth: The speed of transmission is an important difference between the two viruses.

The flu has the shortest Medium incubation period (the time from infection to the onset of symptoms) and a shorter serial time interval in time between successive cases).

Corona virus in the serial separation of the virus from 5-6 days, while the influenza virus, the serial separation is 3 days, this means that the flu can spread faster than Corona Virus COVID19.

Fifth: The influenza virus is transmitted after the onset of symptoms.

The Coronavirus is transmitted 24-48 hours before symptoms appear.

Sixth: Children are susceptible to infection with the influenza virus.

As the preliminary data indicates that children are less affected than adults, and that the rates of coronavirus infection in the 0-19 age group are low, in relation to the coronavirus, the data so far indicate that 80% of infections are mild, or asymptomatic, and 15 % Of infections are severe, require oxygen and 5% of injuries are critical and require entry to intensive care. As for the people most at risk of contracting acute influenza are children, pregnant women, and the elderly, for the Coronavirus, the infection of children is much less than.

Seventh: The number of reported deaths of coronavirus divided by the reported cases, “ranges between 3-4%, and the death rate of infection is lower for seasonal influenza.

Deaths are usually much less than 0.1%. However, the death rate is largely determined by access to and quality of health care.

Eighth: Currently there is no cure for the Coronavirus, while the flu has a vaccine that protects against the virus and drugs that can be taken after infection.

While there are a number of treatments that are currently taking place in clinical trials in China, and more than 20 vaccines for the Corona virus, there are no approved treatments for the Corona virus. As for influenza, there is a vaccine through which influenza can be prevented, and there are treatments for the influenza virus, Therefore, vaccination is highly recommended every year to prevent influenza.

Ninth: The symptoms of the Corona virus are similar to those of the flu.

In terms of: fever, cold, sneezing, phlegm, and sore throat, the differences are difficulty breathing, dry cough, and severe sore throat.


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