How do we maintain muscle strength until old age?


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How do we maintain muscle strength until old age?

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British scientists have discovered a mechanism by which cells can get rid of damaged mitochondria, and this function supports drugs, allowing older adults to stay in shape and resist aging.

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According to the FASEB Journal, mitochondria are power stations for cells, which supply all the processes in the body with energy. During the process of energy production, mitochondria are gradually destroyed and reproduced again.
But in the elderly, the process of mitochondrial regeneration slows, which leads to the accumulation of damaged or old ones not working in the cells. Scientists have long assumed that these changes are associated with poor muscle mass in the elderly, which leads to a decrease in their physical capabilities.
Based on this, the scientists of the universities of Birmingham and Dundee studied in cooperation with scientists from Australia, the basic mechanisms that control the cleaning of cells from damaged mitochondria, which determine the function of the muscles.
Scientists have invented special light signs to study mitochondria in healthy muscle cells in golden color, and they turn red when damaged. Experts have experimentally discovered that activating energy sensor molecules stimulates the process of consuming mitochondria, and this process increases when exercising.
The researchers concluded from this, that cleaning cells from mitochondria can be done with drugs, which activate the active protein kinase (AMP), as these drugs allow older people to maintain their muscle strength, appearance, and physical abilities.
“Several previous studies, including ours, have shown that muscle AMP stimulation has a positive effect when treating type 2 diabetes,” says Dr. Yu Chaing Lai, head of the research team and director of the laboratory at the University of Birmingham’s School of Sports, Exercise and Rehabilitation. Therefore, many drug companies are creating compounds to activate AMP. Therefore, we hope the results of our study will help in creating the required medicine.

Source: Novosti


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