How did the prosecution deal with a statement accusing Saleh Juma of running over a citizen?


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On Thursday evening, the Giza Police Department prosecutor started an investigation into a report written by a worker at a tourist establishment in which Saleh Jumaa, a football player at Al-Ahly Club, was accused of beating him with his car, in the early hours of Thursday morning, on the Nile Corniche in the Giza region, which resulted in injuries and bruises. According to his claim.

A security source at the Giza Security Directorate told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the car that the injured claimed to have been struck is still under investigation, to reveal the identity of its owner, and to make sure that its driver was the famous football player, according to the worker.

The source confirmed that no decision has been reached by the Directorate of the Public Prosecution to control and bring the player until now, noting that the Criminal Investigation Department is still conducting investigations regarding the incident, to ensure its authenticity.

Al-Masry Al-Youm attempted to communicate with sources at the Giza Department’s prosecutor’s office, but it did not reveal the details of the incident, while a source from the overall prosecution office, who oversees the investigation of the incident, contented itself with certainty that investigations are still underway to ensure the authenticity of the incident or not as alleged by the injured.

The source pointed out that the prosecution asked to unload the surveillance cameras with the knowledge of information technology experts at the Ministry of Interior, and to inquire about the owner of the car that the complainant claimed had caused the injuries he sustained, noting that she requested to call the injured, to hear his statements.


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