How Corona affected the city of Liverpool and Muhammad Salah


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The British city of Liverpool has lived in a suffocating isolation in the past days after the English government announced the application of house isolation measures to all people to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Although the number of cases in the United Kingdom reached 5018, the city of Liverpool recorded only 14 cases The result of great isolation Residents of the city after almost all activities ceased, including football and the Liverpool team.

The local newspaper, “Liverpool Eco”, which is published to cover all matters related to the Northwest “Merseyside”, published a report on the current situation andShe explained that the numbers of injured It may be larger than its declared official counterpart, and the reason is that health sector officials have stopped testing people at home today because there are not enough test equipment at a time when the government is in discussions to purchase test kits in large quantities.

Liverpool closed the famous Anfield stadium and the training center indefinitely and gave the players an open holiday to stay in their homes, schools have stopped working since last Friday, and 14 confirmed cases have been registered in Liverpool, which is a satisfactory figure, especially since it witnessed an increase by only one case since last Thursday.

Groceries are also out It works at specific times Working hours range from 8 in the morning until 8, 9, 10 or 12 in the evening, and some provide certain times for the elderly only to prevent them from mixing with the rest of the citizens to keep them from getting infected.

The Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah disappeared completely from view since the beginning of the crisis and the announcement of the postponement of the team’s match against Everton and then the postponement of the league and all competitions until next April, where he preferred to spend the period of compulsory isolation due to the Corona virus away from social networking sites, where he is accompanied by his family in his home .

AndHe appeared one last time When he published photos from Liverpool’s training on March 10 and before the Everton match that was scheduled for last Monday, and he did not appear on the communication sites despite rumors that the pharaoh was quarantined after the detection of positive cases of the Bournemouth team, which he participated in in the last appearance Liverpool, in the English Premier League, during which Salah scored his 16th goal in the Premier League this season.

After Salah’s disappearance, his agent Rami Abbas appeared to deny Commonly hit Through Twitter, confirming that the Egyptian star is fine, but the Liverpool star did not appear after that to reassure his fans and his fans or participate in awareness campaigns by football stars recently, such as Messi, who demanded everyone to commit to the home and Cristiano Ronaldo, who stressed to his fans the need to adhere to the recommendations of the World Health Organization Globalism.


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