Hounes: Football problems are less serious than the Corona crisis


Olli Hoeness, honorary president of the Bayern Munich club, sees “there is no guide” on the next step to take to deal with the emergency situation of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and called on the football world to be patient.

“We must face reality,” Honness said yesterday to Sport 1. We have to wait four weeks and push everything to zero. Maybe we will have to stop playing football until October. ”

Hoeness’s comments came in response to the Bundesliga suspension, like all major leagues in Europe due to the Coruna epidemic.

The German Bundesliga Council recommended that matches be suspended until April 2, as the League members meet today to discuss the next stage.

“I think this meeting is important,” said Hoeness. But almost nothing will be determined, one can think about what will happen to the contracts that expire on June 30. “But I can’t put plans in my drawer without knowing how to implement them.”

Hoeness added that everyone in Germany must wait, adding: “People must learn to stay home.”

The world champion with the Germany national team in 1974. The current questions about postponing a match or canceling competitions “are the least dangerous, while doctors in Italy have to choose between life and death because they do not have enough respirators for all of their patients.”

Hoeness, who made Bayern Munich one of the strongest teams in the world, stressed that he was “not interested” in the question of whether the European Cup 2020 should be postponed. Although he believes that the priority should of course be for the German league and Champions League.

Hoeness called on one of the most powerful officials in the German soccer world to give up the leadership of the Bavarian team at the end of 2019. All football fans to comply strictly with the instructions of the health authorities.

Bayer Leverkusen sports director Rudi Voller said the Bundesliga should be the focus of it in today’s talks.

He added: “Clearly, the most important thing for football is the domestic league. “This will be the most important thing in the meeting.”

He explained: «How can the domestic league competitions be completed. The rest of the European League matches, and the Champions League comes after (in importance). And behind them is the European Championship.

Although the League Council recommended that matches be suspended until April 2, Berlin clubs face a longer period of suspension after city authorities approved the ban.

Currently, the city of Berlin has suspended all public and private events with at least 50 people as of April 19 in an attempt to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

This could affect the matches that Union Berlin are playing at home against Mainz on April 4, Schalke 04 on the same month, in addition to the Hertha Berlin match with Augsburg on April 11.

Association members are expected to discuss several scenarios at their meeting today, including the possibility of canceling the season.

This could lead to an expected loss of 750 million euros (4,833 million dollars) for the first and second competitors’ teams.

Broadcast revenue losses for the nine rounds that have not been set up will reach nearly 370 million euros out of 4.1 billion euros.

It can also produce economic losses estimated in millions of lost sponsorship contracts and the money clubs collect from tickets.

“There is hope that the Bundesliga clubs have made a measure of money in the last few years that is sufficient for everyone to survive these crises,” said Hans-Joachim Fatske, Chief Executive of Borussia Dortmund.

UEFA will hold a video conference (video conferencing) with the 55 members of the association tomorrow, where a decision can be made to postpone the Euro 2020, which will give the local leagues a period to extend the local season. Decisions will be made on how to complete the Champions League and European League competitions, after the games that were scheduled to be held have been postponed.


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