Hotel Dieu Hospital took all measures to confront Corona … here are the details


Hotel Dieu de France announced that it has taken all organizational measures to respond to an epidemic COVID-19 He will continue his priority medical and surgical activities.

The hospital pointed out in a statement that in parallel with the entrance to the emergency department in the hospital, but far from it, the flu center was opened so that outpatients can be examined quickly and effectively, and without disrupting the work of the emergency department.

Regarding the reservation of a number of beds for hospitalization and recovery, he explained that this action was taken in order to secure hospital care services at the level required to keep pace with the health challenge faced by medical and health sector actors, given the unprecedented current situation. Here too, the tracks were separated and patients were placed COVID-19 In isolated sections. On the other hand, the hospital will continue to receive all surgical medical emergencies, dialysis patients, cancer patients, radiotherapy and childbirth … within a safe and secure health framework. In contrast, some of the scheduled activities were postponed.

He emphasized ensuring the protection of the medical and nursing staff by providing the necessary individual protection equipment and isolating any of its members, whether it was a doctor, nurse or health worker, once it was determined that he was in contact with a suspected case.

The hospital thanked the Rudolph Merio Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph University, which provided a model mobilization to carry out the advanced biological tests required by this virus, in addition to taking strict decisions, pointing to the keenness to follow the instructions of the Lebanese government and the scientific recommendations made by the local, European and international health authorities.

And the hospital pointed out that it is in the service of our patients, whatever their condition, saying: “Most of the patients who were received in the emergency department so far have gone to the department for reasons other than COVID-19. All our data is sent regularly to the Ministry of Health. “


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