“His hands are stained with blood” … Manchester United fans attack her goalkeeper because of Rooney


In a strange phenomenon in the football world, the fans of Manchester United admonished their Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero for his direct free kick.

And that was not the threshold, except because the one who hit the ball was the legend of “Red Devils” Wayne Rooney, who is currently playing for the third-level Derby County team.

Rooney, 34, who carried United colors between 2004 and 2017, won the league title five times in his ranks and the Champions League title, almost opened the scoring with a free kick that Romero hit in the 19th minute.

It was the first time Rooney faced his old team since the Everton-United match in January 2018, and he is still fasting from registering with seven matches.

While some United fans praised the Romero commando in keeping his nets clean, others blamed him for denying Rooney the scoring even in their own net, due to their great love for their former star.

Romero denied Rooney the goal of demons

Romero denied Rooney the goal of demons

One of the fans said on Twitter, “Romero’s hand is stained with blood” after he tackled Rooney’s free ball.

The match ended with the Red Devils winning 3-0 and reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup competition, which they have won 12 times.

Luke Chau (33) and Nigerian Odeon Igalo (41 and 70) scored the winning goals.


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