Hind Sabri donates to confront Corona in Egypt and Tunisia


In the art: The actress Hind Sabry accepted the actor Amr Youssef’s challenge in charity, and sponsored 100 Egyptian families who were economically affected by the Coronavirus.Hind Sabri hoped that this global ordeal and the whole good will disappear for the world in general and for our Arab countries in particular. Under Hind are Muhammad Huneidi, Amina Khalil, Hanan Mutawa, Fifi Abdo and Inji Al-Mukadam.

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Hind Sabri had also donated to the Tunisian Ministry of Health in its campaign to fight the dreaded global epidemic.

It is mentioned that producer Tareq Al-Janaini also accepted the Risala Association challenge, which was presented to him by the scenarios and producer Mohamed Hefzy, head of the Cairo International Film Festival, to sponsor a group of families affected by the economic epidemic of Corona.

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