Hey pictures :: 15 nurses who were infected with Corona virus in Lebanon’s hospitals … caught the virus during their work, and some of them are in quarantine and have not been tested … here are the details !!!


“Ilda Al-Ghusn” wrote in the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” under the title “16 thousand workers in the nursing sector without protection”: Of the 15 infections among the nurses and nurses with the Coronavirus, “most of them were infected inside hospitals,” as the union announced last weekend. The University of Our Lady of Aid Hospital in Jbeil announced, “the recovery of five of its nursing staff after re-testing them and showing them negative.” The remaining ten cases are confirmed cases, while “other nurses are still subject to supervision and preventive quarantine, and laboratory tests have not been conducted for them,” according to the president of the Nurses and Nurses Syndicate Dr. Mirna Abi Abdullah Doumat, who called in connection with “News” hospitals and the state “to secure” Protection kits and protective gear for them.
About 16,000 nurses and nurses in Lebanon need to “preserve them, protect their rights, and provide them with the best conditions for doing their work in light of the current crisis,” according to Doumit, considering that the number is “sufficient for the market’s need if we protect workers in the sector.” The lack of demand for specialization in previous years is due to “unfair benefits, low wages, and hospital administration control in the sector, whereas before graduation students can find work unlike the remaining professions, so we need a foster and safe work environment and double investment in the nursing sector because it reduces the health bill For society ”, pointing to the increase in demand for the study of specialization« and the number of university graduates rising to 1100 per year, with the number expected to increase in the next two years ». And the hospitals demanded “to secure the protection equipment and supplies for the sick in light of the virus, and the necessity not to be deducted from their salaries, and that the annual opportunities they commit due to the decline in work in hospitals are driven, and they are not obligated to choose one time between two hospitals because they need more than one job”, in addition to the necessity “The average number of patients of interest to the nurse does not exceed 8, while in some hospitals the number reaches 20.” Doumit described her meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Diab yesterday as “very positive”, and presented with him the affairs of the profession under the exceptional circumstances, putting the union’s ability to conduct the government. She thanked the Minister of Labor for her decision that “the nurses’ stone will be at the hospital’s expense and in it.”

Nurses are subject to quarantine and have not undergone laboratory tests

The World Health Organization declared in 2020 the “International Year of Nursing and Midwifery Staff”, and that by 2030 “the world will need 9 million additional workers and workers in the fields of nursing and midwifery to achieve universal health coverage”. The current year that saw the spread of the Corona virus, “made the nursing workers the first line of defense against the virus, while highlighting their sacrifices, the dangers facing their profession, and the injustice done to workers in this sector,” according to Doumit.


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