Here’s the story … the impressive Corona image that rocked the networks


A doctor and a patient on the street, in an image that seemed strange but achieved a great spread on the communication sites, and sent hope to the patients of “Corona” patients in China, so what is her story?The photo was collected by a doctor wearing a virus-protective clothing, next to a patient lying on his bed, pointing their fingers to the sun disk at sunset, outside a hospital in Wuhan, Corona, central China.

The picture was taken on March 5 at the Wuhan University Hospital, according to the website of the Chinese newspaper, The People. Many praised the shot, which revives hopes in light of the terrible pain caused by the deadly virus all over the world.The doctor who appears in the photo, Dr. Liu Kai, narrated some details, saying that the photo was taken when he was carrying, with the help of a volunteer, a patient with “Corona” virus suffering from acute pneumonia, in order to perform a CT scan in another hospital building.

Upon returning to the section where the 87-year-old patient was lying, the golden sunshine scene drew the doctor and asked the patient to stop for a while.The three stopped and enjoyed the amazing moments of sunset, and volunteer Gan Jun Zhao took the opportunity to take a photo of the two they were with.

He said that the matter provided an opportunity to see the sunset, which he had not seen for a long time, adding: “After I came to Wuhan, I was leaving early and returning to my house late every day and rarely did I see the sun.”

And the doctor did not expect to receive this great interaction.

Liu was part of the fourth batch of Zhongshan Hospital members, and arrived in Wuhan on February 7 with his colleagues as part of China’s efforts to contain the virus.


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