Here is the new Buggy update .. pubg mobile version 0.17.0 pubg mobile update .. advantages and disadvantages of the new update for the game Buggy mobile


Update the new PUBG version 0.17.0, who among us does not know the game “PUBGY”, the most famous game in the world yet, which has spread rapidly with the missile among users and fans of combat games and has become one of the basics of games for a large base of young people, especially middle ages, and more than one version has been launched with more Who have tired to suit all modern electronic devices and smartphones also, even some smart phone companies have launched special phones to play Buggy to bear the great burden on memory and hard and give the player the capabilities that sweep him without “humming” and exhausting the phone’s battery because it is considered It is big games and heavy to handle.

Update the new PUBG version 0.17.0

The latest Bebji update comes by the game developers with many features and capabilities that take the game to another level and take the player to greater heights and more areas and the latest update came to suit smart phones with “And Rued 9” operating system and above and it is one of the latest generations in smart phones so far Despite the launch of “And Rued 10”, its use has only been generalized in certain categories of smartphones, and the new version has been under testing by game developers for a maximum period of one month from the date of release to study reactions to updates and new amendments.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buggy update

It is not without any update of the defects that appear after a period of use by the players and we show you the most important features and the most important flaws.


  • Providing new landing areas.
  • Add the amusement park which is the latest.
  • Add a number of weapons and equipment.
  • Add many accessories.
  • Allow multiple appearances of the character.
  • The possibility of “repeat” where you can watch the movements again to avoid errors.

Disadvantages of the new update

  • The game size is large, as it reaches 1.2 GB.
  • Draining the battery faster.
  • If your device is up to date, the top version of the Android version will encounter problems.
  • Part of the slow performance may appear.
  • The phone may warm up significantly.

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