“Health Riyadh” continues its awareness campaign to prevent “covid19” virus at King Khalid Airport


Riyadh: Abdullah bin Saleh

Riyadh Health continues its awareness efforts to deal with the emerging corona virus “covid19”, as it continues its awareness campaign on the prevention of new corona infection, at King Khalid International Airport.
The “Riyadh Health” through the campaign stressed the importance of adhering to the preventive precautions for respiratory infections in general, which include maintaining washing hands with soap and water regularly, and covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
It was also shown by health educated people what the newly emerging corona virus appeared and causes respiratory infections to varying degrees.
She added that the virus is transmitted from the infected person to another person through close contact without protection.
She pointed out that there is still no specific treatment or vaccine for the virus, but it can be avoided with the correct methods of prevention.
The messages presented by educators in “Riyadh Health” included referring to the symptoms of infection with the virus, the most prominent of which are “fever, coughing and shortness of breath, and sometimes they develop into pneumonia, and may cause severe complications in people with weak immune systems and the elderly, and people who They have chronic illnesses, and health calls on those who feel these symptoms to go to the nearest health facility.
In addition, advice was given to travelers heading to the areas where the disease arose, including “avoiding contact with animals (live or dead),” animal products, or being present in animal trading markets, and avoiding contact with people with respiratory symptoms.
And “Riyadh Health” stressed the one who shows symptoms of a respiratory infection, so he should stay at home and avoid mixing with others and not traveling while there are pathological symptoms, while covering the mouth and nose with tissues when coughing or sneezing, and keeping the hands clean by washing them for at least 20 seconds With soap and water, or with alcohol sterilizers.
And “Riyadh Health” stressed the importance of the commitment of all members of society to follow advice and awareness information to deal with the emerging Corona virus, which are published by official health accounts on social networking sites, and to communicate with the Health Center 937 for inquiries and consultations related to Corona.


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