Health announces a new infection in Corona to an Emirati student


“The Ministry of Health and Community Protection” announced today that it had detected a new infection with the emerging corona virus known as “Covid 19” belonging to a seventeen-year-old Emirati student and he did not complain of any symptoms indicating that he is currently receiving the necessary health care and that his general health condition is stable.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in coordination with the official health authorities and educational institutions, was quick to take all immediate precautions, including isolating the injured, as well as suspending studies at the school from the moment the case was monitored, while the competent cadres went to the school building to carry out the necessary sterilization operations for all school facilities and what Around.

On the other hand, the Ministry is currently conducting the necessary checks and procedures for all those involved in the case to ensure their safety and that of the community around them, according to the approved preparedness plans.

The Ministry confirmed the continuation of efforts aimed at taking all preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of school students at various age levels and the rest of the community members around them … indicating that coordination continues between all relevant authorities to determine the latest developments and take the necessary precautionary steps.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the official health authorities called on the public to obtain information about the Corona virus from its reliable sources and not to pay attention to false rumors received from unaccredited sources.



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