Headlines of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Thursday 19-03-2020 – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The most prominent headlines of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Thursday 19-03-2020

Lebanon in isolation: steadfastness: the epidemic and the Capital Control
Corona is expanding
18 new injuries, and the counter closes 139 cases
Exhaustion of breathing apparatus and a trend towards “mobile exams”
Major General
“Capital Control” is facing today the objections of the state of banks!
Lebanon is in a preventive isolation … and an international reluctance to provide aid to confront the Corona
The Republic
Capital Control versus the Constitution
And I close the airport
The epidemic is increasing .. and the capital worries the depositors .. and the pardon invokes
Corona injuries exceed 200 thousand, 9000 deaths, and in Lebanon the number of injured rose to 141
Hezbollah considers it a betrayal of his right … The American embassy is behind the acquittal of Amer Al-Fakhouri
The “150 thousand” should be canceled from the corona examination and it is free because hunger has spread
Closing of US stock exchanges … and global health demands exclusion of health from sanctions on Iran
Lebanon vs. Corona: Entering complete isolation and 15 critical days in the containment plan
The government is discussing the electricity file today … and is discussing the “Capital Control” amid discrepancies

Source: Newspapers


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