Haya Maraashly publishes photos with her brother and closes the comments


The Lebanese actress participatedCome onFollowers through her page on a social networking site, a number of photos that appeared with a young man, and I closed the comments feature.
Haya commented on the photos, noting that he is her brother, saying: “A partner of happiness, a partner of madness … my brother’s kisses.”
Followers interacted with the photos greatly, praising the beauty of her brother, while others asked whether the young man was really her brother or if he was a friend and considered him as her brother. Others noted, on the other hand, that the similarities between them were very large.
On the other hand, after Mara`sili was supposed to star in two dramas in Damascus, before everything changed in the last moments.
Although the two parties have reached advanced negotiations, according to information from the “Art” website, Maraachli has apologized for two actions for many different reasons, namely, “Street of Chicago” with the director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and the series “From Love” with the director Bassem El-Salka.
With these two apologies, Haya Mara’sheli will be completely absent from the Ramadan season, knowing that during the past year she was distinguished in the championship of three works: “A safe distance”, “When the wolves grow old” and “A minute of silence”.


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