Haya Al-Shuaibi makes fun of Asala and defends Ahlam


A light and spontaneous episode in which the Kuwaiti artist arrived Haya elshoabee On the “Karol Karaoke” program presented by the media Hisham Al-Huwaish, where she talked about a lot of family matters that concern her and belong to her husband and family as she came back and confirmed again that she was intending to adopt the battered child but no longer heard anything, indicating that she was “ready to She raises her just as she raises her daughters. ”

In her sarcastic style, Haya attacked the Syrian artist Asala Nasri, without calling her, in defense of the Emirati artist Ahlam, and she said: “More human dreams have been created in her tradition,” adding: “With her love her strong character is a queen in herself.”

After she imitated dreams, Haya said: “There is no end to her and no one can aim towards her, especially what she says Aaaaaah ..” In response to a question from Hisham Al-Howaish on whom you mean her words, she replied: “I mean people who stood on the stage, I only have one dress in your body You do not want what you want. ”

Hisham commented on Haya’s mockery, saying: “But this is a Syrian accent, call it Khawafa.”

During the recording of the episode, Haya received a call from her husband, Hani, who described it as horror at home (laughs), to return and confirm that their lives were fine, and their love contained a mixture of loyalty, sincerity and fear for each other, so they succeeded in continuing their marriage.

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