Hassan Shehata: Al-Hadary would have made a problem if he had set up a reserve


Hassan Shehata, former coach of Egypt, confirmed that he had a background about Issam El-Hadary, the legend of the goalkeeper, that he did not like to sit back during his participation in the matches, and therefore I was always trying to deal with him and he is the best goalkeeper in the history of Egypt.

He said in statements to the Ontime Stadium program, I had a generation that would not turn and I had 42 players each one like the other, who played like the one sitting on the bench, stressing that Urban He was not involved at the time of Tardelli, who had preceded me in coaching the national team, and any coach he wished to have a goalkeeper like El Hadary.

He stressed that any coach who does not take into account that he did not involve him does not include him in the first place, because he will cause problems and does not accept himself to be the second or third goalkeeper or outside the standing, stressing that he faced many problems from the Football Association and the media and was putting it behind his back and we were prevented The appearance of the players in the media, and the players saw it as the best decision we made, and I do not think that anyone was applying the way we dealt with the media and the masses and were fair in every need with the players, the apparatus, and in the dressing room.

He added: “If I asked Shawqi Gharib and Hamada Sidqi, they would say the same words, and if I dealt with some fairness, things would be fine.


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