Hassan Al-Raddad: Amy Samir Ghanem asked me for a divorce after the honeymoon was over!


3 hours ago

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Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Egyptian actor Hassan Al-Raddad revealed that his wife, actress Amy Samir Ghanem, asked him for a divorce immediately after the honeymoon ended.

Al-Raddad said that he tried to joke with her on the plane while they were returning from their honeymoon: “During our independence the plane joked with Amy, so she did and asked Amy to divorce her because she does not like to joke outside the house.”

He continued: “I love to move a lot in the plane, go to the air, talk to people and joke … It is committed and a rule, and I want to stick to it and turn off the mobile.”

He added: “I met her first, the plane did not move frightened and terrified … I shrieked with her and I said I work in it a mold and I fear it and we turn it Hazar, so it says the most important came to us. And I looked at the window of the window .. I found her afraid and stood saying no, and she was screaming and screaming, and she said: He divorced me.


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